Int Arch Otorhinolaryngol 2014; 18 - a2286
DOI: 10.1055/s-0034-1388786

Life Quality after Cochlear Implant

Barbara Cristina da Silva Rosa 1
  • 1Santa Casa de São José dos Campos

Introduction: A group of researchers conducted a survey on the benefits of cochlear implant (CI) compared to hearing aid (HA). The authors concluded that the CI provided the patients with hearing deficiency (HD) postlingual superior performance when compared to hearing aid users, in addition to better quality of life. In Brazil we have some satisfaction evaluating surveys, among them we can mention the HHIE (hearing inventory for the elderly) and the HHIA (hearing handicap inventory for the adults). For the World Health Organization (WHO) quality of life is the individual's perception of their position in life within the context of the culture and values (WHOQOL Group, 1994) systems.

Objective: This study aims to describe the impact of CI on the life quality in a postlingual individuals HD.

Resumed Report: A 51-year-old male patient presented with a bilateral severe profound HD for 26 years, from idiopathic origin. At the time of the study, the person used the CI 7 months ago. The life quality was assessed by the survey HHIA. After 40 days of activation he was able to detect and discriminate all the minimal pairs without difficulties. The MemoMusic program was held, where he was able to recognize the bass, treble, slow, fast, and recognize different sounds and musical instruments.

Conclusion: We can conclude the great benefits acquired after the CI in individual's life, from their daily activities to interpersonal relationships. The survey proved easy applicability and understanding, and not requiring any help from others.