Int Arch Otorhinolaryngol 2014; 18 - a2080
DOI: 10.1055/s-0034-1388745

Occupational Ototoxicity in Radiology Laboratories: Case Report

Maria Esther de Araújo 1, Rodrigo Rodrigues Batista 1, Vinicio Musquine Panaro 1
  • 1Faculdade Redentor

Objective: To highlight the auditory risk caused by exposure to chemicals in radiology labs products.

Report: Radiology is a tool for medicine devoted to the diagnosis of disease through examination of images. In Brazil, most laboratories use chemicals in the process. The literature shows that there are over 200 ototoxic substances, among them the chemicals used in the processing of radiographs. Professionals who work in radiology laboratories are exposed to these chemicals that act slowly in their body, producing medium and long-term adverse effects, such as deafness.

Methodology: The study was approved by the Faculty Redeemer (20/2013 ) Ethics. We opted for an empirical and descriptive research, using a semi-structured questionnaire applied to professionals in four municipalities of the northwestern state of Rio de Janeiro region.

Conclusion: Of the 20 coaches who participated in the survey, 90% did not know that the chemicals used are ototoxic, only 35% of them make use of equipment for radiation protection, and 100% do not use protective equipment to chemical exposure. Of these, 95% of participants expressed interest in having a program of prevention and hearing protection in their work. Medical control and occupational health programs should be included in their routine audiometric tests, contributing to the prevention of occupational hearing loss due to ototoxicity.

Keywords: auditory risk, ototoxicity, prevention, protection.