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Professor Kailash Prasad, MD, PhD

Ernesto Molmenti
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10 September 2014 (online)

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Professor Kailash Prasad, MD, PhD, FICA

On January 9, 2014, Dr. Kailash Prasad received the Bharat Gaurav (Pride of India) and Certificate of Excellence Awards, sponsored by the India International Friendship Society. These prestigious recognitions are awarded to Indian celebrity achievers who have excelled both professionally and personally, and in doing so have glorified India.

We feel compelled to briefly detail Dr. Prasad's illustrious career. He received his BSc (Distinction) in 1952 from Patna University, his MBBS (Hons.) in 1957 from Bihar University, his MD in 1961 from Delhi University, India, and his PhD in Pharmacology from University of Alberta, Canada, in 1967. He started his career as a demonstrator and then lecturer in Lady Harding Medical College, University of Delhi, India from 1958 to 1964. He subsequently became Associate Professor in Pharmacology at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, and rapidly rose to the rank of Associate Professor and then full Professor in Physiology at the University of Saskatchewan Saskatoon, Canada. Dr. Prasad was also an Associate Member and Adjunct Professor of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan. Since 1997, he has been Professor Emeritus in the Department of Physiology and Adjunct Professor of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan. He was visiting professor, Division of Cardiology, Wadsworth Medical Center, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA for 1 year (1980–1981). He is a fellow of the Royal College Physicians of Canada, American College of Cardiology, International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences, and International College of Angiology. He is a member and fellow of 18 medical and scientific societies. He is or has been a member of the editorial board of eight scientific journals and has reviewed articles for more than 23 scientific journals. He has held offices in the International College of Angiology as President, Member of the Board of Directors, and Chairman of the Scientific Committee. His research involves the role of oxygen radicals and advanced glycation end products and its receptors in cardiovascular diseases. He has published 225 refereed articles, 230 abstracts, and 35 book chapters. He has 121 invited symposia/special presentations to his credit. He has co-edited the Textbook of Angiology (1,362 pages) and has been granted eight U.S. and Canadian patents and one copyright. He has been involved in the development of the PISA machine (based on high-frequency electrocardiogram) for early detection, quantification, and localization of ischemic heart disease. He is the first to elucidate the usefulness of flaxseed and its components in cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. He also obtained Food and Drug Administration approval for “Beneflax” isolated from flaxseed for health benefits. He has supervised 29 MSc/PhD students and has been an external examiner for 18 PhD theses of national and international universities. He has received 39 honors and awards (prior to the current ones mentioned in this editorial) including the Lifetime Research Achievement Award for excellence in cardiovascular research from The Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences, St. Boniface General Hospital Research Centre, University of Manitoba, the Centennial Medal from the Government of Saskatchewan for excellence in research and technology, the Golden Wheel Award for excellence in science and technology from the Rotary Club of Saskatoon, the Innovation Award for the creation of new technology for uses of flaxseed and its components from the University of Saskatchewan, and the Innovation Place and the John B. Chang Research Achievement Award for excellence in research and scholarly activity from the International College of Angiology. As if these achievements were not enough, Prof. Prasad also taught medical students and received the Preclinical Teacher of the Year Award twice. The International College of Angiology has established the Prof. Kailash Prasad's Oration Lecture in his honor.

Dr. Prasad is married to the beautiful Marion (a pharmacist). They have two daughters Rajani and Sunita.