J Neurol Surg B 2014; 75 - A274
DOI: 10.1055/s-0034-1370680

Glomus Faciale Tumors: A Report of Two Cases and Literature Review

John P. Leonetti 1, Sahar Nadimi 1, Sam J. Marzo 1, Douglas A. Anderson 1
  • 1Chicago, USA

Objectives: (1) To familiarize the reader with the extremely rare occurrence of paragangliomas originating along the facial nerve, (2) to present two cases of glomus faciale tumor, and (3) to provide a literature review pertaining to this rare lesion.

Methods: Study design: Two case presentations and a literature review. Years: 2006 to 2012. Disease studied: Glomus faciale tumors. Subjects studied: One male and one female patient each presenting with a tumor adjacent to the vertical segment of the facial nerve. Setting studied: Tertiary care, academic medical center. Interventions: One patient underwent complete tumor resection with facial nerve preservation, and the second patient underwent facial nerve decompression with tumor biopsy. Outcome measurements: the degree of tumor resection and the postoperative facial function.

Results: the male patient underwent a postauricular infratemporal fossa approach and complete tumor resection was achieved. His facial function was normal immediately following the surgery. The female patient presented with what appeared to be a parotid tumor, at the stylomastoid foramen and normal preoperative facial function. She underwent a parotidectomy with transmastoid facial nerve decompression along with a shave biopsy of the tumor. She has normal facial function and 2mm of tumor growth after six years of MRI surveillance.

Conclusion: Paragangliomas of the facial nerve are extremely rare and cause signs and symptoms unlike other temporal bone glomus tumors. Treatment options include radiographic surveillance, radiotherapy, or surgical resection. The facial nerve can be spared in selected cases.