Planta Med 2013; 79 - PN1
DOI: 10.1055/s-0033-1348682

Fulvi-H Used as Dietary Complement Increases the Absorption of Electrolytes and Promotes IgT and IgG in Mice and Rats

M Navarrete 1, OY Morales 1, I Gracia 1, MA Zúñiga 1
  • 1Faculty of Chemistry, Department of Inorganic and Nuclear Chemistry, Bldg. D, National University of Mexico, CU, Mexico City, Mexico, ZC 04510

Fulvi-H is fulvic acid industrialized and sold in Mexico for human consumption, highly purified from heavy metals and bacterial colonies, after being used as fertilizer and dietary complement for animals. Their empirical benefits have been proved during many years, even when how they are produced was not fully understood. According our results by using labeled ions, as fertilizer it promotes the absorption of electrolytes from soil to vegetable tissues, and also in mice and rats from food and water, where enhance of electrolytes metabolism provokes an increase in antibodies (IgT and IgG). These facts have been proved by using 32PO4 3-, 45Ca2+, 59Fe3+ and 131I- labeled ions to measure electrolytes concentration by radioactive detection, as well as a light refractor and Elisa method to measure IgT and IgG concentrations. These results lead to the assumption that it might be used in humans as a powerful complement on the viral diseases treatment such as herpes Zoster, hepatitis and AIDS. Also, as FH is quite similar to fulvic acids extracted from humus, and both of them have been authorized for human consumption in Mexico and other countries, a medical protocol should be easier to get, since it can be applied at same time than prescribed treatments.