Planta Med 2012; 78 - P_16
DOI: 10.1055/s-0032-1307524

Studies on the Optimization of Agrotechniques to Maximize the Productivity of Two Cannabis Chemotypes Cultivated to Produce Medicinal Grade Plant Material

S Martorina 1, G Magagnini 2, G Grassi 2
  • 1Institute of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences, Deparment of Biology and Evolution, University of Ferrara, Via L. Borsari 46, 44121, Ferrara, Italy
  • 2CRA-CIN, Rovigo branch section, viale G. Amendola 82, 45100, Rovigo, Italy

The available scientific literature on the optimization of the agronomic parameters needed to grow medicinal grade Cannabis is limited. Different studies have been recently carried out in order to test how some of those parameters can affect the production of secondary metabolites and yield of plant material [1,2,3]. Our previous studies [3] have shown that electrical conductivity (EC) of the nutrient solution has important effects on the yield and quality of the raw material. Therefore, we have conducted two trials to evaluate the effects of four levels of EC on biometric parameters, biomass yield and cannabinoid concentration in two specific Cannabis chemotypes. The aim of the trials is to maximize the productivity of the two varieties in different growing conditions. Additionally, productivity of the same chemotypes was evaluated in greenhouse conditions by evaluating some other parameters, such as mineral or organic fertilization and the additional use of UV-B light.

The results confirm that fertilization and specific date of harvest are parameters affecting total biomass yield and cannabinoid concentration. Treatment with increased EC levels affected the two chemotypes in a different way: a clear indication that the parameters for maximizing productivity are genotype specific, therefore growing conditions cannot be generalized. Acknowledgement: This work was supported by Phytoplant Research S.L., Cordoba, Spain. References: [1] Chandra S, Lata H, et al. (2011) Physiol Mol Biol Plants, 17(3): 291–295. [2] Chandra S, Lata H, et al. (2011) Physiol Mol Biol Plants, 17(3): 297–303. [3] Grassi G, Casano S, et al. (2009) Abstract in IACM 5th Conference on Cannabinoids in Medicine, 28.