Semin Musculoskelet Radiol 2011; 15(5): 506-510
DOI: 10.1055/s-0031-1293496
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Musculoskeletal Fungal Infections

Peter D. Corr1
  • 1Department of Radiology, Faculty of Health Sciences, UAE University, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
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11 November 2011 (online)


Fungal infections of the musculoskeletal system are uncommon. They are often found in immunosuppressed or patients with the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome or in patients with a history of travel to an endemic region. Infections often present with multifocal chronic osteomyelitis or chronic mono- or polyarthritis resembling osteoarticular tuberculosis. A clinical clue to the correct diagnosis is the presence of overlying skin sinuses. Radiologists can suggest the correct diagnosis with a good clinical history, although a biopsy and/or fungal culture is usually necessary before beginning treatment.


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Peter D Corr, M.D. 

Department of Radiology, Faculty of Health Sciences, UAE University

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