Planta Med 2011; 77 - PF71
DOI: 10.1055/s-0031-1282459

Evaluation of acute and sub chronic hepatotoxicity of hydroalcoholic extract of Teucrium polium L. in non-diabetic rats

N Kiyani 1, SN Ostad 2, S Arbabi 3
  • 1Traditional Pharmacology Department, Traditional Medicine Faculty, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran
  • 2Toxicology and Pharmacology Department, School of pharmacy, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran
  • 3Islamic Azad University, Pharmaceutical Sciences Branch (IAUPS), School of Pharmacy, Dept. of Toxicology & Pharmacology, Tehran, Iran

While it is well-known and widely used for its hypoglycemic and anti spasmodic properties in traditional medicine of many countries (1, 2), probable side effects of Teucrium polium L. (T.p), especially hepatotoxicity in diabetics, needs more investigation. The purpose of this study is to determine the acute and subchronic hepatotoxicity of T.p hydro alcoholic extract in non-diabetic rats.

In acute phase, rats were given doses from 50–7000mg/kg of the solution by gastric gavages. However, our paraclinic and histopathologic studies were focused on the dose of 3000mg/kg. In sub chronic phase, 1000mg/kg of the solution was given through drinking water once daily. On the day 45, liver damage was again evaluated through blood samples and biopsy. (3)

There was no mortality seen. AST and ALT rose, more in females, but not to a significant level in either sex. Histopathologic examination revealed signs compatible with non specific reversible hepatic inflammation. The results were the same in both phases.

Our study suggests that hydro alcoholic extract of Teucrium polium 1:1 is non-toxic in vivo and does not induce hepatotoxicity. However, the same result may not be seen in diabetic rats and that entails more investigation. Additionally, the growth place of T.p may have some effects on the results.

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