Planta Med 2011; 77 - PF25
DOI: 10.1055/s-0031-1282413

Ethnobotanical Evaluation of Some Medicinal Plants in Eskişehir, Turkey

Z Aytaç 1, G Özkan 1, S Kuzu 1, EG Kulan 1
  • 1Eskişehir Osmangazi University, Agricultural Faculty, Field Crops Department,26160, Eskişehir, Turkey

An ethnobotanical survey was made to collect information by means of oral and written questionnaire about the use of medicinal plants in Eskişehir with the assistance of herbal markets. A list of medicinal plants and their reported folkloric uses was compiled during the survey. Information regarding latin name, local name, part(s) used, medicinal uses, recipe preparations of plants. According to the survey 49 plant taxa were members of Aquifoliaceae (1 taxon), Apiaceae (1 taxa), Asteraceae (4 taxa), Caprifoliaceae (1 taxon), Compositae (2 taxa), Brassicaceae (1 taxon), Equisetaceae (1 taxon), Ericaceae (1 taxon), Fabaceae (1 taxon), Ginkgoaceae (1 taxon), Poaceae (2 taxa), Juglandaceae (1 taxon), Labiatae (5 taxa), Lauraceae (1 taxon), Loranthaceae (1 taxon), Lycopodiaceae (1 taxon), Malvaceae (5 taxa), Oleaceae (1 taxon), Onagraceae (1 taxon), Plantaginaceae (1 taxon), Primulaceae (1 taxon), Ranunculaceae (1 taxon), Rosaceae (6 taxa), Rubiaceae (2 taxa), Theaceae (1 taxon), Tiliceae (2 taxa), Urticaceae (1 taxon), Zingiberaceae (1 taxon), Zygophyllaceae (1 taxon). Most of the remedies were prepared from single species. The majority of the plants were obtained from Turkey (about 85.7%).The highest number of taxa were used for cardiovascular-cholesterol (22 plants) disorders, diuretic (20 plants), gastrointestinal (15 plants), respiratory (12 plants) and diabetic (14 plants) illnesses.

Keywords: Ethnobotany, survey, medicinal plants, Eskişehir