Orthopedic Trauma Directions 2011; 9(6): 1
DOI: 10.1055/s-0030-1267129
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02 January 2012 (online)

Dear Readers,

It is with sadness that I see the end closing in on the OTD. Over a decade ago, those of us that have been very deeply involved with the evidence-based movement started the OTD, knowing that this was a revolution happening within surgery. I have been very lucky personally, coming from a Canadian background, where we have had the actual father of evidence-based medicine, Dr David Sackett and a number of his disciples, who helped to push the envelope of evidence-based medicine within our country. It has since spawned a revolution of forward thinking to provide evidence around research questions and our journal has attempted to provide the readership of the AO community with direction for patient care. This was the essence of the naming of the journal (OTD-Orthopedic Trauma Directions) because evidence is always present when making clinical decisions but it is often not clear as to which direction one should move when a clinical problem presents. By providing best evidence, it allows the clinicians to make choices that are informed and scientific. It has been an immense pleasure to be the Editor- in-Chief of a forward-looking journal. The evidence-based movement is here to stay and has overwhelmingly changed the way that we practice orthopaedic trauma to provide care for our patients. The journal may be coming to an end, but the movement is alive and well, and I hope to see you someday at a meeting where „direction“ for patient care can be discussed with true science behind the debate.



Dr Rick Buckley