Planta Med 2010; 76 - P511
DOI: 10.1055/s-0030-1264809

Evaluation of the effects of Pistacia atlantica subsp. mutica essence on subgingival microorganisms

H Mobaiyen 1
  • 1Faculty of Medicine, Islamic Azad Univesity- Tabriz branch, Microbiology, Manzaeh Avenue, SoleymanKhater Square, Faculty of Medicine, 5174745164 Tabriz, Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Background: Dental plaque and adhesive biofilm to dental surface were a well known major etiologic factor of periodontal diseases. Then control of dental plaque has been respected as an issue of interest. In order to beat the shortcoming of mechanical plague control the chemical ways have been taken into account. The aim of this study was to determine effects of Pistacia mutica extract on sub gingival microorganisms.

Methods: In a single centre, observer blind, cross-over, randomized Latin-square-controlled clinical trial 28 subjects were recruited. In comparison to chlorhexidin (CHX) and placebo (PLC) the effects of Pistacia mutica (PM) mouthwash on gram positive and gram negative microorganisms isolated from sub gingival counts were evaluated. Minimum inhibitory concentrations of PM against aerobic and anaerobic bacteria were detected too.

Results: Mean aerobic bacteria count at baseline was 2.17*106, in PM extract was 7.25*104, in placebo 6.26*105 and in CHX was 9.91*103. Mean anaerobic bacteria count at base line was 6.56*106, in PM extract was 1.97 * 106, in placebo was 6.85 * 106 and in Chlorhexidine was 1.13 * 106. Mean MIC of PM extract was 618±332µg/ml in anaerobic bacteria in comparison with Chloramphenicol 60±50µg/ml. Mean MIC of aerobic bacteria in PM extract was 1845±1145µg/ml in comparison with Chloramphenicol was 45±25µg/ml.

Conclusion: Mean aerobic bacteria count in PM extract significantly lower than baseline and placebo but significantly difference was not found in anaerobic bacteria count between PM extract with baseline, placebo and Chlorhexidine. Mean MIC of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria in PM extract was significantly higher than Chloramphenicol.

Key words: Pistacia Mutica Extract, Aerobic Bacteria, Anaerobic Bacteria, Minimum Inhibitory Concentration