Klin Padiatr 2010; 222 - GNPI_PO_49a
DOI: 10.1055/s-0030-1261512

Spontaneous bilateral pneumothorax in a newborn

K Glas 1, P Dahlem 1
  • 1Medical Center Coburg, Department of Pediatrics, Coburg

Aims: Unilateral spontaneous pneumothorax is one of the common causes for respiratory distress syndrome in the newborn period. Methods: We report spontaneous bilateral pneumothorax in a female term newborn. Results: The baby girl was delivered by secondary caesarean section due prolonged labour at 41 weeks of gestation. Apgar scores were 7/8/8 with umbilical cord pH of 7.10. On physical examination the baby showed grunting, dyspnoea, tachypnoea of 70–80 bm and tachycardia of 180 pm. Transcutaneous oxygen saturation, arterial pO2 and pCO2 were within the normal limits. On chest x-ray bilateral pneumothorax without tension was demonstrated. Therefore no thoracic drainage was indicated. On oxygen therapy with FiO2 0.25 the child' s respiratory distress and pneumothoraces resolved within 6 days documented by control chest x-ray. No underlying pathology such as meconium aspiration, congenital pulmonary abnormalities, traumatic labour, vigorous postnatal reanimation with manual ventilation, and so on could be found. Conclusion: After review of literature, this is the second reported case of bilateral spontaneous pneumonthorax as cause of respiratory distress in the newborn period.