Homœopathic Links 2010; 23(3): 180-184
DOI: 10.1055/s-0030-1250201

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Posology, Human Energy System, and Soul Healing – Part 2

Ai-Ling Su Makewell Australia
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19 October 2010 (online)


Traditionally accepted rules of potency selection in homeopathy are increasingly untenable. Contrary to the rationale for selecting high potencies, clinical cases where remedies made up of three elements (e.g., Magnesium muriaticum iodatum) were used, have shown the efficacy of low potencies (e.g., 12 C or 6 C). Effects of these are impacting powerfully on both the mental and emotional aspects of patients. Part 1 of this paper (Links 2010 Vol 23 : 2) delineates the wisdom in the use of low potencies and charts the underlying reason and logic in relation to the human energy system, the chakras. It postulates a correspondence between the remedy potencies and the seven major chakras. The incremental dispensation of potencies in a step-by step manner, from low (e.g., 12 C) to high, is a safe and sure way to healing. This not only takes out the potential harmful effects of high potencies, but also leads to deep soul healing that changes the entrenched perceptional and behavioural patterns as well as those self-negating belief systems. In part 2 of the paper, case examples are being presented.

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