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DOI: 10.1055/s-0030-1250195

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Trial of Peter Chappell's Trauma Remedies

At the Crossroads Women's Centre Homeopathy ClinicJennifer Hautman United Kingdom
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19 October 2010 (online)


Report of a trial of Peter Chappell's trauma remedies, including Genocide and War Trauma (PC304x), Rape (PC435p), and Torture (PC311f), at the Crossroads Women's Centre Homeopathy Clinic, London, during one year (October 2006–2007). Most of the users of the clinic are African women asylum seekers who have fled war and conflict and are fighting for the right to stay here and be reunited with their families. Despite some initial scepticism, we found the PC trauma remedies to be very effective and of great benefit to the women. Out of a total of 18 cases, four had to be excluded because we were unable to follow up their cases (including one who was deported), or they didn't take the remedies, and three were difficult to assess due to other circumstances. In our view there was significant improvement in almost all the women we were able to follow up (11 out of 14 or 79 %), and strong improvement in half of them. This is despite potential blocks to treatment such as suppressive allopathic drugs, and extreme anxiety and worry caused by their uncertain immigration status and daily struggle for survival.

1 MYMOP (Measure Your Medical Outcome Profile) a patient generated outcome questionnaire available free online.

2 Performance status to quantify general well-
being on a 0–100 scale.

3 Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre, in Bedfordshire, has 405 bedspaces and is the main removal centre for women and families. For more information, please see: “Bleak House” for Our Times: An investigation into Yarl's Wood Removal Centre available from Crossroads Books (http://www.allwomencount.net/Publications/pamphlets.htm).

4 Oakington Immigration Removal Centre, near Cambridge, has a capacity of 408 beds for male detainees. Women (including many rape survivors) are also detained there.

5 One young woman who had escaped her traffickers, was held in an adult prison, despite being under 18, and charged with criminal proceedings because the Home Office disbelieved her age and identification.

6 According to Chappell “… you intelligently combine what is common to a lot of cases together to find the totality and essence of the miasm or the disease. In other words there is a genus epidemicus and a genus chronicus, both forms of the Second Simillimum.”

7 Recently the term Genus Traumaticus has been introduced by Harry van der Zee to point to the effective use of the as-if-one-person approach for collective trauma of which this article provides proof.

Jennifer Hautman

Crossroads Women's Centre

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