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Syphilinum: an Answer to Osteoporosis

Subhranil Saha India
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19 October 2010 (online)


Osteoporosis is gaining increasing importance day-by-day all over the world among the epidemics of noncommunicable diseases. It is multifactorial in origin; but what is the biggest threat is that it is usually asymptomatic until fractures or some serious deformities occur; rightly called the “silent disease”. There is an increased resorptive activity of the osteoclasts in comparison to the bone-forming activities of the osteoblasts. The common sites of fracture are distal radius, lumbar vertebrae and neck of femur. My experience reveals that Syphilinum, whenever used appropriately, not only lessens the pain, but also reduces the risk of fracture to an immense extent. Other medicines are also required according to the symptom totality. Also, dietary modifications, exercises and in some cases therapeutic supplementation of calcium and vitamin D are mandatory.


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