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The Global Proving of Himalayan Crystal Salt

Chetna Shukla India Harry van der Zee The Netherlands
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30. Juni 2010 (online)


In 2005 a project was started called a Global Proving. Provers from around the world would simultaneously start proving the same substance. The project ultimately involved three substances, Himalayan Crystal Salt, Natural Silver and Arizona Clay, proven in respectively October 2005, January 2006 and April 2006. The idea of using a proving not only to get to know the substance but also and primarily to bring about a change in the collective is new in homeopathy and this global proving was a first experiment. Analagous to Hahnemann's stating that participating in provings has positive effects for the prover, we may assume that the participation of larger numbers of people in a proving may have positive effects on the collective. The results of the first substance, Himalayan Crystal Salt, are discussed in this article.

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