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Invitation to Participate in Two Global Events with the Remedies Harmony and Samata

Sigrid Lindemann, Maggi Litchi-Grassi India
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30 June 2010 (online)

The first global event will take place on August 15th, the birthday of Sri Aurobindo. Those participating will take a dose of Harmony C 200 at 10:00 a. m. (their local time) so that the connection with this energy will, starting in the east and moving westward at the speed of the turning earth, sweep over the planet like a beneficent wave. For the 24th of November we will have a second global event with participants taking Samata C 200.

We hope to have a great number of individuals participating so as to enhance the energetic effect of “Harmony” on “the global field”. As we know, the action of potentised substances can extend far beyond the individual who actually takes the remedy. Thus, we hope through this event to benefit a greater number of people than only those participating directly. Nonetheless, the more direct participants, the more powerful and truly global the effect is likely to be.

Those wishing to participate in this event are welcome to request the remedies at one of the email addresses given below. Please indicate the number of people who would like to take part and furnish your postal address. The appropriate doses of Harmony C 200 will be mailed to you free of charge, and are accompanied by a briefing.

Already now a compilation of experiences with Harmony and Samata is available in English and can be sent to those interested by email. We are very interested to receive your feedback and welcome write ups of experiences with Harmony and Samata.

For all purposes please contact the e-mail address: harmonysamata@gmail.com

Participants from Italy may contact erbodurga@libero.it

Harmony is also available at Helios Pharmacy, http://www.helios.co.uk as Harmony Mother.

Maggi Litchi-Grassi
Sigrid Lindemann

Inner Health, Prayatna

605101 Auroville

Tamil Nadu


Email: harmonysamata@gmail.com

URL: http://www.auroville.org