Horm Metab Res 1978; 10(5): 409-412
DOI: 10.1055/s-0028-1093402

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Prolactin Cell Adenomas of the Human Pituitary. Morphologic Features of Prolactin Cells in the Nontumorous Portions of the Anterior Lobe

K.  Kovacs , N.  Ryan , E.  Horvath , C.  Ezrin , G.  Penz
  • Department of Pathology, St. Michael's Hospital and Banting Institute, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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23 December 2008 (online)


Twenty pituitary glands, harbouring prolactin cell adenomas, obtained from autopsy of male and female patients of various ages and dying of different diseases have been investigated by the immunoperoxidase technique in order to reveal the morphologic changes of prolactin cells in the nontumorous portions of the anterior lobes. For comparison, 40 non-tumorous pituitary glands and 20 pituitaries lodging adenomas not consisting of prolactin cells have also been studied. In all but four prolactin cell adenoma cases, the anterior lobes contained numerous prolactin cells outside the tumors, indicating a lack of involution of prolactin cells in the nontumorous portions of the pituitary glands.