Planta Med 2008; 74 - SL43
DOI: 10.1055/s-0028-1083923

Reversible adsorption of natural extract on polymeric resin

L Joron 1, S Pease 2, T Burnett 2, D Vadolas 3
  • 1Rohm and Haas – Technical Service Healthcare & Bioprocessing, Rue des Grands Navoirs prolongée, 02300 Chauny, France
  • 2Rohm and Haas – Technical Service Nutrition, 727 Norristown road, Spring House PA 19477, USA
  • 3Rohm and Haas –European Sales Department, In der Kron 4, 60489 Francfort, Germany

Polymeric adsorbents offer a more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly way to recover natural products than traditional activated carbon resins. Unlike activated carbon resins, polymeric adsorbents are both regenerable and free from heavy metal contaminates. It is well known that polyphenolic compounds, which are responsible for bitterness or color in natural extracts, have become more and more interesting commercially. Herein we demonstrate the efficiency and utility of a new food grade adsorbent, Amberlite™ FPX66 in extracting polyphenolic compounds from natural product.

The first application to be studied was debitterring and decolourization of Yeast extract with Amberlite ™ FPX66. This adsorbent had a very high reduction factor in colour (twelve-fold) in the first run, and even retained a relatively high efficiency (four fold reduction) after 100 CV (Column volumes) had passed the column. The bitterness level was judged to have been significantly reduced as well.

The second application was the adsorption, debittering, and recovery of polyphenolic compounds from both pomegranate extract and cranberry juice (prime juice or waste part of plants). A high concentration was yielded from FPX66 with cranberry, while a high yield at purity greater than 50% was obtained from pomegranate. The resin was economically regenerated to its original white color, indicating the ease and suitability for clean in place protocols.

Adsorbent technology, based on a wide range of chemistries – polystyrenic, polyacrylic or formophenolic – offers a broad range of applications, such as neutraceuticals recovery for functional food, active pharmaceutical ingredient from plant, and natural hormones extraction.