Planta Med 2008; 74 - SL12
DOI: 10.1055/s-0028-1083892

Examination of adaptogenic effect of infusions of Bergenia crassifolia black and fermented leaves in the forced swimming test

AN Shikov 1, ON Pozharitskaya 1, MN Makarova 1, HJD Dorman 2, VG Makarov 1, VP Tikhonov 3, B Galambosi 4, R Hiltunen 2
  • 1St-Petersburg Institute of Pharmacy, 47/33, Piskarevsky prosp., 195067, St.-Petersburg, Russia
  • 2Faculty of Pharmacy, Division of Pharmaceutical Biology, University of Helsinki, Viikinkaari 5E, FIN-00014, Finland
  • 3„Diod“ Ltd, 11
  • a Derbenevskaya ave., 113114, Moscow, Russia
  • 4MTT Agrifood Research Finland, Plant Production Research, Karilantie 2 A, FIN-50600 Mikkeli, Finland

Siberian tea of Bergenia crassifolia L. is widely used in traditional Russian medicine as a health beverage. Leaves of B. crassifolia contain phenol acids, phenols, tannins, flavonoids, and bergenin [1] and its content varies from type of leaves [2]. Black leaves passed 2 winters are used as adaptogen [3]. The adaptogenic effects of B. crassifolia black and fermented leaves of three populations were examined in the forced swimming test on mice. The treatment groups were orally administered infusions of bergenia (1.0 mL/per mice day), control group received distilled water. The swimming times to exhaustion were longer in the fermented leaves groups (1147±70s) than in the control group (519±56s), p < 0.05. Plasma glucose level was significantly lower in fermented leaves of I and III treated groups (1.9±0.9 and 3.1±1.0 mmol/L, accordantly) than in the control group (10.7±1.1 mmol/L) (p < 0.05). This result suggests that bergenia infusions could increase fat utilization of mice during swimming. The plasma lactate levels of the fermented leaves of I and III populations treated groups (0.03±0.01 and 0.45±0.06 mmol/L, accordantly), p<0.05 were significantly lower than that of the control group.

In conclusion, infusions from black leaves of B. crassifolia insignificantly enhanced the maximum swimming capacity of mice by increasing fat utilization, and by delaying the accumulation of plasma lactate. Infusions from fermented leaves of B. crassifolia significantly enhanced the maximum swimming capacity of mice without change of the body weight by increasing glucose utilization comparing to the control group.

References: 1. Shikov, A. et al. (2007) Planta Med. 73:897. 2. Pozharitskaya, O. et al. (2007) JSS 30:2447–2451. 3. Panossian, A. (2003) Natural Pharmacy 7:1–5.