Radiopraxis 2020; 13(02): 71-82
DOI: 10.1055/a-1013-9609

Radiopharmaka in Diagnostik und Therapie

Radiopharmaceuticals in diagnosis and therapy
Armin Stegmayr

Die Nuklearmedizin stellt eine wichtige Säule in der medizinischen Diagnostik und Therapie dar, dessen Grundprinzip auf dem Nachweis von Radiopharmaka, welche in den Stoffwechsel eingeschleust werden, fußt. Der folgende Artikel gibt einen Überblick über dieses komplexe Thema.

Nuclear medicine plays an important role in medical diagnosis and therapy. The main principle when using radiopharmaceuticals is to introduce them into the metabolism to examine metabolic function. This article provides an overview of this complex subject. Radiopharmaceuticals are drugs containing radioactive isotopes and are liable to pharmaceutical law. The human organism is not able to differentiate between the isotopes of elements and a minimal dosage will not disturb the metabolic function. Radiopharmaceuticals consist of two parts, the pharmaceutical which determines metabolic function and the radionuclide which determines radiation. Sometimes a third part is necessary which is called a linker. Radionuclides can be produced using nuclear reactors, cyclotrons or a radionuclide generator system. Radiopharmaceuticals differ according to classification, i. e., ready-made preparations, individual components, and those produced on-site. Diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals are γ-emitters or positron emitters, and the administered radioactivity lies within the range of MBq. Therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals are β - or α-emitters, and dosage is in the range of GBq. The most common administration is the intravenous one and there are specific and nonspecific body tissue accumulations. The distribution is subject to metabolism and / or particular types of radiopharmaceuticals. Before application quality checks are obligatory. It is necessary that radiopharmaceuticals are administered with precision by trained staff.

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17 June 2020

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