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DOI: 10.1055/a-0808-7772
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Artificial Intelligence with Radiology as a Trailblazer for Super-Diagnostics: An Essay

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Michael Forsting
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13 December 2018 (online)

There are currently two major trends in medicine. The first is digitalization: In radiology and conventional laboratory medicine, the daily routine has already been digital for quite some time. Patient files, pathology, microbiology, and virology are all digitalized to varying degrees but complete digitalization can soon be expected.

The second major trend in medicine is “personalization”: At present, this primarily refers to personalized pharmacotherapy which takes the individual physiological constitution as well as molecular-biological constellations into consideration.

If you look outside of the medical field, there is a further megatrend: Artificial intelligence (AI). For reasons that will be explained below, this trend has not yet properly arrived in the medical field but has become indispensable in industrial manufacturing and in the processing of large amounts of data. Facebook, Amazon and Google would not function without AI.

The challenge now is to implement digitalization and AI in medicine in such a way that personalized medicine becomes routine. Personalized medicine cannot become a reality without AI: The amount of data is so immense that it will no longer be possible to rely on the personal knowledge of a few experts.