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Sonila Pashaj
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17 October 2018 (online)

It is a pleasure to introduce to you the 3d issue of Ultrasound Internation Open in 2018.

The composition of this issue continues to reflect development in the field of sonography and needs of the sonographers, regardless of their speciality and consists of one review article, four original articles and two case reports.

The review article summarize 72 current research and updates information in cystic echinococcosis. In this manuscript you will find an overview of outstanding literature published in differential diagnosis, treatment guidance and follow up of the hepatic cystic echinococcosis, highlighting the importance of ultrasound. Ultrasound as an harmless, inexpensive, repeatable examination has a crucial role in screening for abdominal masses.

The first original article aims to distinguish clinically important from nonsignificant stenoses in the superficial femoral artery based on velocity ratios derived from the commercially available vector velocity ultrasound technique Vector Flow Imaging (VFI). It can be a potential technique to monitor atherosclerotic patient, thereby avoiding angiographies.

The second original article evaluates magnetic resonence imaging (MRI) – ultrasound fusion imaging (MUFI) in patient with deep infiltrating endometriosis. This new technologie has been succsesfully in the location of small prostate tumors. This is the first clinical evaluation with te aim to be introduced in the daily practice.

In the third original manuscript evaluation of chronic venous disease of the lower extremities with peak reflux of the spectral Doppler ultrasound and Vector Flow Imaging is assessed in 64 patients.

The last original manuscript evaluates testicular volume in patients with testicular microlithiasis (TM). Since testicular atrophy is associated with testicular cancer, evaluation of the volume in patient with TML is useful. Furthermore, data from normal patients and patients with TML are compared .

The first case report demonstrates a prominent anechoich umbilical cyst close to the fetal insertion. Follow up, histological examination and outcome are described.

The last manuscript of this issue brings a case report on cardiodynia in a patient undergoing a allogeneic hematopoetic cell transplantation with non-myeloablative diagnosed by ultrasound and computer tomography.

I hope this issue proves valuable and enjoyable informations to everyone interested in the ultrasound field. Also, I would like to thank all the authors, reviewers and staff who is involved in the publication of the journal.

On behalf of the Editors of OUI

Sonila Pashaj