Int J Sports Med 2018; 39(13): 978-983
DOI: 10.1055/a-0710-5260
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Synchronized Pedaling with Martial Arts Improves Quality of Life of Women with Breast Cancer

Ana Navarro-Sanz
1  Ayuntamiento de Malaga, Área de Deporte. Medicina Deportiva, Málaga, Spain
Alejandro Espejo-Reina
2  Hospital Vithas Parque San Antonio, Orthopaedic Surgery, Malaga, Spain
Maria Victoria Cerezo-Guzman
3  ASAMMA, Statistics, Malaga, Spain
Juan F. Fernandez-Ortega
4  HRU Carlos Haya, ICU, Malaga, Spain
Hector Meza-Leiva
1  Ayuntamiento de Malaga, Área de Deporte. Medicina Deportiva, Málaga, Spain
Inmaculada Conejo-Tirado
5  Clinica Linfox, Physiotherapy, Malaga, Spain
Clara Santiago-Sanchez
6  Sincrobox, Sports Technician, Malaga, Spain
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accepted 14 August 2018

Publication Date:
22 October 2018 (eFirst)


Physical exercise improves the physical condition of women who have been undergone surgery for breast cancer. This study evaluated the effect of a new martial arts program that combined aerobic endurance and muscle strength exercises on improving upper limb function and aerobic performance of women who have undergone breast cancer surgery. Fifty-three women who had previously undergone breast cancer surgery with axillary lymph node dissection, radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy participated in the twelve-week program. Participants were randomly assigned to two groups; a study group (28 participants) in which participants carried out a synchronized pedaling with martial arts routine of 2 sessions per week, and a control group (22 participants) who received usual care. Study group participants demonstrated a significant increase in right hand and quadriceps strength, maximum oxygen consumption, max power-to-weight ratio, muscle mass percentage and a decrease in fat mass percentage (p≤0.05). A controlled training system like synchronized pedaling with martial arts, which combines aerobic and strength exercises, appears suitable for improving the muscle strength and aerobic capacity of these breast cancer participants.