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DOI: 10.1055/a-0643-4524
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Ultrasound Evaluation of Testicular Volume in Patients with Testicular Microlithiasis

Malene Roland Pedersen
1   Department of Radiology, Vejle Hospital, Denmark
2   Institute of Regional Health Research, University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Denmark
Palle Jørn Sloth Osther
2   Institute of Regional Health Research, University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Denmark
3   Urological Research Center, Department of Urology, Vejle Hospital, Denmark
Søren Rafael Rafaelsen
1   Department of Radiology, Vejle Hospital, Denmark
2   Institute of Regional Health Research, University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Denmark
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received 22 January 2018
revised   30 March 2018

accepted 25 April 2018

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12 September 2018 (online)


Purpose Ultrasonography is a useful tool to measure testicular volume. According to the European Society of Urogenital Radiology, the combination of testicular atrophy and testicular microlithiasis (TML) is a risk factor for testicular cancer. Testicular atrophy is defined as a volume of less than 12 ml. The aim of this study was to compare testicular volume in patients with TML to patients with normal testicular tissue.

Materials and Methods From 2013 to 2015 we included a total of 91 adult patients with TML, and 91 adult patients with normal testicular tissue as a control group. All patients underwent scrotal B-mode ultrasound investigation including measurement of width, length and height in both testicles. Testicular volume was calculated using the formula π/6×length×height×width.

Results The median age for patients with TML was 48 years (range: 19-94 years), and 48 years (range: 20–75 years) in patients with normal tissue. No statistically significant difference was found between total testicular volume (both testes) >30 ml in patients with TML compared to patients without (OR 0.77 (95% CI 0.43-1.38, p=0.37). However, patients with TML tended to have lower testicular volume compared to patients without TML, when investigating testicular volume below 12 ml.

Conclusion Overall, no association was found between testicular volume and TML, but there was a trend indicating that severe atrophy is often seen in patients with TML compared to patients without TML. However, a significant difference was only found in testicular volume ≤8 ml.

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