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05 July 2018 (online)

Dear colleagues

Welcome to the June 2018 issue of Ultrasound International Open. This issue works perfectly with the idea of the interdisciplinarity of Ultrasound.

There are two papers dealing with the thyroid gland. The article from Kobayashi analyzes the prevalence of calcifications in thyroid tumors in US and also the relationship of these calcifications to the histopathology of the tumor. The article describes thyroid calcifications as one of the characteristic findings in defined thyroid tumors. The article from Tajiri from the same working group retrospectively analyzes the question whether Ultrasound alone can predict a special type of thyroid carcinoma. Their conclusion was that the detection of these rare carcinomas using Ultrasound alone can be difficult. Classical B-mode ultrasound seems to be the best, while elastography is less reliable.

Then you will find an interesting case report of a cytomegaly infection in a diamniotic-dichorionic twin pregnancy affecting only one twin. The case report shows nicely the typical brain findings in cytomegaly infection.

And last but not least, we have two papers on the musculoskeletal system. One analyzes the value of an automated ultrasound system in the detection of synovitis. As a result, the authors report the simple and effective use of this method in the detection of synovitis in patients with inflammatory arthritis. The second paper analyzes the influencing factors of 2-D shear wave elastography of the muscle in an ex vivo animal study. The authors describe a wealth of influencing factors of this ultrasound method. Therefore, they conclude the need for measurement standardization before application of the method in a clinical setting.

I hope you will enjoy this issue of UIO with the wide range of topics and congratulations to all authors.

On behalf of the editors of UIO

Kai-Sven Heling