Homeopathy 2003; 92(01): 35-43
DOI: 10.1054/homp.2002.0070
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Patient–practitioner–remedy (PPR) entanglement. Part 2: extending the metaphor for homeopathy using molecular quantum theory

LR Milgrom

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Received25 May 2002
revised08 October 2002

accepted14 October 2002

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27 December 2017 (online)


A quantum metaphor developed previously for homeopathy, involving triadic patient–practitioner–remedy (PPR) entanglement, is extended by importing concepts used in chemistry to describe the electronic structures of molecules. In particular, the electronic energy states of triangular tri-atomic molecules are used metaphorically to predict that (a) the more a homeopathic medicine is potentised, the deeper the level of cure is likely to be, and (b) the practitioner can be included as a beneficiary of the therapeutic process. The model also predicts that remedy attenuation and degree of PRR interaction could (in the quantum theoretical sense) represent a pair of complementary conjugate variables.