Br Homeopath J 1998; 87(03): 131-134
DOI: 10.1054/homp.1999.0228
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Preliminary research for testing Baptisia tinctoria 30c effectiveness against salmonellosis in first and second quality broiler chickens

CH Sandoval
LL Morfin
BB Lopez

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21 June 2018 (online)


The aim of this research was to compare the effectiveness of Baptisia tinctoria 30c and Ciprofloxacin against salmonellosis in fowl. Eight hundred (400 first quality and 400 second quality) poultry birds were used. All were the same commercial brand. There were two treatments, both with four repetitions. Treatment began when chickens were eight days old; two drops/kg live weight/d Baptisia tinctoria or 15 mg/kg live weight/d of Ciprofloxacin. Both treatments lasted ten days and were given in the drinking water. Salmonella diagnostic tests were made on day 0, day 8 and day 49 of age and death rate was when treatments had finished. Death rate values were applied a square root transformation and a 2×2 factorial analysis was made.

The mortality for first and second quality fowl in the Baptisia tinctoria group were 0.7125 and 2.037, respectively, and in the Ciprofloxacin group, 0.7245 and 2.1848, respectively. No significant statistical difference was observed (P>0.1) regarding treatments, only regarding different quality fowl (P<0.01). After comparing, Baptisia tinctoria 30c and Ciprofloxacin treatments against salmonellosis, it was concluded that there were no meaningful differences between outcomes.