Homeopathy 2003; 92(02): 125
DOI: 10.1016/s1475-4916-03-00013-4
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Book review: A New Physics of Homeopathy by Colin Lessel—reviewer's response

Lionel Milgrom

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27 December 2017 (online)

There is a simple way for this dispute to be resolved. Lessell should go to the ultimate court of appeal in matters such as this, and expose himself and his ideas to peer review in the relevant learned journal. This would be no mere exercise in proving either of us right or wrong. As I have learnt from many years of publishing in such journals, peer review can serve the very useful purpose of making one step back from one's ideas and critically review them.

Ultimately, peer review acts as a refining process, allowing new ideas to more easily enter general circulation. This two-way fructification could only do Lessell good for I am sure that buried in all his polemic, there could well be a few grains of truth.