Homeopathy 2016; 105(01): 22
DOI: 10.1016/j.homp.2015.12.034
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Clinical trial for evaluation of a HIV nosode in the treatment of HIV infected participants

Rajesh Shah

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27 January 2018 (online)

Introduction : Identifying the need for strengthening of immune system, the investigator has developed new HIV nosode and evaluated its effect on HIV positive individuals through a clinical trial.

Method : Standardized and scientific method of HIV nosode preparation has been described and documented. A clinical trial in thirty HIV positive individuals was conducted using the HIV nosode in 30c, 50c potencies. Ethical aspects, safety and inclusion exclusion criteria were taken care of.

Results : Out of twenty-seven participants, 25.93% showed sustained reduction in viral load. 33.33% showed an increase in the CD4+ counts by 20% at either week twelve or twenty-four. Significant weight gain was observed at week twelve (p = 0.0206). A significant proportion of participants, 63% and 55% showed overall increase in either appetite or weight at week twelve and twenty-four respectively. The viral load increased from baseline to week twenty-four through week twelve in which the increase was not statistically significant (p > 0.05). 37% participants have shown improvement (1.54–48.35%) in CD4+ count and 15% had a stable CD4+ percentage count until week twenty-four. Sixteen out of twenty-seven participants had a decrease (1.8–46.43%) in CD8 count. None of the AEs led to discontinuation of study.

Conclusion : The study results revealed improvement in immunological parameters, treatment satisfaction, reported by an increase in weight, relief in symptoms, and an improvement in quality of life, which opens up possibilities for future studies.