Homeopathy 2014; 103(01): 64
DOI: 10.1016/j.homp.2013.10.010
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Homeoprophylaxis: evidence from basic research and practical applications

Gustavo Bracho
Adriana Callico
Natalia Marzoa
Barbara Ordaz
Jorge Menendez
Rolando Fernandez
Daniel Cardoso
Concepcion Campa

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24 January 2018 (online)

Homeo-Prophylaxis (HP), has been one of the more questioned application of homeopathy despite it also could be considered one of the most revolutionary uses in terms of benefits for health quality. Although the protection effects and impact (effectiveness and efficacy) are frequently difficult to demonstrate, the lack of scientific research, among other factors, hinder the acceptance and implementation of HP but also limits the possibility of running proper clinical studies. In order to breakdown this close circle, in vitro experiment, animal's models and clinical evaluation should be combined with the current knowledge and evaluation methodologies of the immune system.

A summary of unpublished results from basic research experiments on the effects of homoeopathically diluted biological material as prophylactic formulations on in vitro and animal models will be presented. According to the results, an approach to underlying immune mechanisms could be proposed and discussed.

Results from 5 years follow up of large scale Leptospirosis HP intervention will be complemented and analysed. Further clinical evaluation of HP on other epidemic diseases at large scale could be presented.

A integral analysis of evidence coming from experimental model and clinical testing suggest that HP could be consider in fact as a very promising and potent tool to face infectious diseases in the context of current global situation.