Homeopathy 2013; 102(02): 139-144
DOI: 10.1016/j.homp.2013.02.003
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Early udder inflammation in dairy cows treated by a homeopathic medicine (Dolisovet®): a prospective observational pilot study

Eléonore Aubry
Marie-Noëlle Issautier
Didier Champomier
Laurence Terzan

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Received11 May 2012
revised31 January 2013

accepted06 February 2013

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20 December 2017 (online)

Background: Mammary inflammation in dairy cows is a widespread problem in dairy farming resulting in significant economic and welfare concerns. Dolisovet® (Belladonna 1dH, Calendula MT, Echinacea 1dH, Dulcamara 1cH) a homeopathic medicine, licensed in France and indicated for the restoration of mammary function in cows is presented as a 10 g tube of ointment for intramammary use.

Method: A prospective, uncontrolled, observational pilot study involving the collection and analysis of data from 31 udder quarters identified as being inflamed by an automated milking system (AMS) was conducted to evaluate the effect of Dolisovet® on selected parameters of mammary inflammation. Inflamed quarters were identified when milk quality started to deteriorate, via an alert generated by the AMS, on the basis of electrical conductivity (EC). Milk yield and EC were retrieved five to seven days prior to the AMS alert, on the day of and for the following seven days. Dolisovet® was administered twice daily for two consecutive days, commencing on the day of the AMS alert.

Results: A significant reduction in EC was observed 4–7 days following the first treatment. An increase in milk yield was also observed following the first treatment.

Conclusion: Dolisovet® may have a beneficial therapeutic effect in the early stages of udder inflammation and for restoring udder health and function. This medicine may be an effective first line treatment for sub-clinical bovine mastitis, reducing the need for antibiotics. Randomised, controlled studies should be undertaken to further investigate this possibility.