Homeopathy 2011; 100(03): 168-174
DOI: 10.1016/j.homp.2011.02.014
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Blisters and homeopathy: case reports and differential diagnosis

Gheorghe Jurj
1  Asociaţia Română de Homeopatie Clinică, Timişoara, Romania
Silvia Waisse
2  Associação Paulista de Homeopatia, São Paulo, Brazil
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Received17 April 2010
revised06 January 2011

accepted03 February 2011

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22 December 2017 (online)

Blisters are skin lesions characterized by accumulation of fluid between the layers of the skin. Their severity varies from the common blisters caused by friction to severe autoimmune and congenital bullous disorders, some of them currently without treatment in conventional medicine or requiring drugs with potentially severe side-effects. This article reports cases of blistering diseases successfully treated with homeopathic medicines, which represent an alternative for the treatment of such disorders.