Homeopathy 2006; 95(04): 256
DOI: 10.1016/j.homp.2006.07.002
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Dana Ullman

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21 December 2017 (online)

Dr Tom Whitmarsh's review of my e-book, Homeopathic Family Medicine, was extremely supportive. He highlighted several unique characteristics of this e-book: its comprehensive body of clinical research referenced and described but also its continually updating that only e-books can provide. Dr Whitmarsh then informs the reader that ‘the Hom-inform database is free to use online and will bring up much information, but searches elsewhere will not necessarily produce the succinct results available in this e-book. If you need to find out if there is some trial support for the use of homeopathy in a particular condition, this is a very good place to look.’

All of this is accurate but a bit more information to the reader would have been more helpful in clarifying the differences between these resources. The Hom-inform database is an impressive body of references to a wide variety and standards of homeopathic research, but it provides no descriptions, summary, data, or implications of a single or group of studies...while the e-book that I wrote makes this effort. The e-book does not include as many references as the Hom-inform, but this is intentional because my standards of inclusion.

May many flowers bloom in the effort to inform everyone of scientific investigations of homeopathy.