Homeopathy 2006; 95(02): 81-87
DOI: 10.1016/j.homp.2005.12.001
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Opinions and self-reported health status of Italians seeking homeopathic treatment

R. Pomposelli
C. Andreoni
G. Costini
B. Dedor
I. Mariani
M. Castellini
G.M. Tomaioli
E. Tonini

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Received23 May 2005
revised08 August 2005

accepted12 December 2005

Publication Date:
29 December 2017 (online)


The use of homeopathy is increasing worldwide. This multi-centre cross-sectional study aims to describe the opinions and self-reported health status of a sample of Italian people seeking homeopathic care. A self-administered questionnaire including socio-demographic characteristics, knowledge and opinions about homeopathy, personal experience with homeopathy, and, self-reported health status (SF-12), was administered to a sample of people who had sought homeopathy.

Of a possible 1229 individuals invited to participate, 1223 did so. The majority of the participants were female, young (mean age 42 years), well educated (mean 13 years of education). The reason for seeking care was for either physical or emotional conditions. Most participants had fair to good knowledge of homeopathy, and the self-experienced effect (subjective judgment on efficacy) was good regardless of the type of health condition reported. The Physical Component Summary (PCS-12) scores were similar to the general Italian population, but the Mental Component Summary (MCS-12) scores were lower in all relevant strata examined.

This study provides information on the characteristics of people seeking homeopathic care, in particular the results of the SF-12 self-reported health status evaluation.