Homeopathy 2004; 93(04): 225
DOI: 10.1016/j.homp.2004.08.003
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George Patrick Kinsella

16th April 1958–27th July 2004
Peter Gregory
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27 December 2017 (online)

George Kinsella was born in Waterford, Ireland on 16 April 1958. He graduated as a vet from Trinity College, Dublin in 1981. Having spent a couple of years in general practice in Somerset, he joined a practice in his home town which he helped to develop into ‘City Vets’, the three man practice which moved to brand new premises only last year. He took his own life on 27 July 2004.

I met George on the first day of the 1996 Homeopathic Physicians Teaching Group course. Two things were evident from the first moment: Firstly, George was an Irishman with ‘the gift of the gab’—he knew how to talk. Secondly, he was passionate about veterinary homeopathy and already had an enormous amount of knowledge and experience in it. However, I soon realised that this brash, and sometimes overpowering exterior was complemented by great underlying humility and compassion. George always needed to learn more, and moreover, to share what he knew, and his sheer energy and love for people commanded the attention and respect of anyone prepared to listen. A true pioneer, George had taught himself enough homeopathy to incorporate it into his busy practice and to be a highly respected and competent veterinary homeopath well before he decided to undertake any formal education in it, yet was committed enough to fly over from Ireland several times a year for three years to complete the course. He obtained the Vet MFHom in 1999.

George's prize creation was the collection of cards which contained every scrap of information he had ever gleaned on a vast number of homeopathic medicines. They sat in small boxes in front of him at work, and at whenever he attended a conference. Indeed, there must be many homeopaths who have been bemused when he has corrected the speaker on the finer points of a remedy, or a rubric, and ‘George's cards’ have settled many disputes. Even without them, George could dig out the most obscure bit of homeopathic materia medica at will, often in the middle of a conversation bearing no relation to homeopathy whatsoever! His great passion in life was to spread the word of homeopathy, its practice and its philosophy. He worked tirelessly to promote it in Ireland, and lectured to audiences representing all facets of the homeopathic world. In doing so he gained the respect and love of a great number of fellow professionals. George's enthusiasm and energy led directly to the creation of the HPTG Irish course and we will miss his participation deeply.

George's funeral in Waterford on 30th July was the opportunity for a massive show of respect. Hundreds of people filled the Catholic church, friends and colleagues came from all over Ireland, and beyond. At one stage in the service, objects were brought to the altar to represent George's loves and passions. The first of all was a battered and worn copy of ‘Synthesis’. It would have been impossible for George to achieve so much without the support of an equally dedicated wife. Atracta's loving support for George on his journey was very apparent, and our hearts go out to her and their fine sons and daughters, Harvey, Murray, Robyn and Zoe.

George had a profound admiration for David Lilley, attending many of his courses and trying to incorporate his philosophy into his study and work. It is fitting that for many of us the last time with him was at David's lectures at the HPTG Summer School in June, listening, learning, and interrupting! And sharing his passion for homeopathy at every opportunity. There seemed to be no indication that within weeks George would have taken his own life. Why he chose to depart this world at this time may well remain a mystery; perhaps the best we can do is to wish him love on his journey and be grateful for his presence in our lives for so long. He brought humour, enthusiasm, passion, commitment and love, he had a spiritual view of the Universe of great depth and wisdom, and this world will be less rich for his leaving it.

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George Kinsella (right) with David Lilley