Homeopathy 2003; 92(04): 229-231
DOI: 10.1016/j.homp.2003.08.007
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The challenges of clinical case reporting.

Delphi Project Conference, London, 2 April 2003
Cees Baas
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12 December 2017 (online)

The Delphi Project organised a conference on clinical case research as a satellite session to the fourth edition of the biannual ‘Improving Homeopathy’ conferences organized by the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital.

The main objective of the conference was to reflect on the five main challenges in clinical case research encountered by the Delphi Project. Each challenge was briefly introduced, then the 25 participants discussed them in subgroups, after which the results were compared in plenary sessions.

The Delphi Project had originally hoped to find definitive answers to these challenges. It now appeared, however, that clinical case research will work better within a scientific community with naturally evolving consensus on topics that continue to spark debates. This conference was intended as the first step towards building such a scientific community. Virtually all participants had previous experience with the dilemmas in clinical case research. They enjoyed a day of very practical discussions, and mutual support and respect.