Br Homeopath J 1986; 75(03): 142-147
DOI: 10.1016/S0007-0785(86)80009-6
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An experimental double-blind clinical trial method in homoeopathy

Use of a limited range of remedies to treat fibrositis
Peter Fisher

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26 June 2018 (online)


A small number of double-blind, placebo-controlled trials of homœopathic treatment in rheumatological conditions have been carried out. These have used differing methodologies, leading to varying results. This paper describes a novel approach in the treatment of fibrositis, a syndrome which lacks a pathological definition, but is defined solely in terms of its symptomatology.

24 patients were prescribed for 3 months, according to indication, one of three homœopathic remedies (Arnica, Bryonia, Rhus tox.), each patient remaining on the same remedy throughout. They were followed monthly on the following parameters: pain, number of tender spots and sleep. An ‘indication score’ was allotted to each prescription. The results were analyzed by non-parametric statistical methods, showing that homœopathy produced a statistically significant improvement, but only when the prescribed remedy was well indicated.