DOI: 10.1055/b-002-85488
Genden, Eric M.: 2012

Reconstruction of the Head and Neck

A Defect-Oriented Approach Print ISBN 9781604065763 ยท Online ISBN 9781604065770
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Editor: Genden, Eric M.

Authors: Chepeha, Douglas B.; de Almeida, John R.; Gallagher, Kelly; Genden, Eric M.; Gurudutt, Vivek V.; Kleinberger, Andrew; Lawson, William; Miles, Brett A.; Mukhija, Vijay; Old, Matthew; Sikora, Andrew; Teknos, Theodoros N.; Teng, Marita; Wax, Mark K.; Weber, Stephen M.

Title: Reconstruction of the Head and Neck

Subtitle: A Defect-Oriented Approach

Print ISBN: 9781604065763; Online ISBN: 9781604065770; Book DOI: 10.1055/b-002-85488

Subjects: Otorhinolaryngology, Phoniatrics, Audiology;Head and Neck Surgery;Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery

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