DOI: 10.1055/b-002-85460
Casiano, Roy R.: 2012

Endoscopic Sinonasal Dissection Guide

Print ISBN 9781604065879 · Online ISBN 9781604065886
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Editor: Casiano, Roy R.

Authors: Anstead, Amy S.; Casiano, Roy R.; Eloy, Jean Anderson; Folbe, Adam; Herzallah, Islam R.; Lemonnier, Lori; Tessema, Belachew

Title: Endoscopic Sinonasal Dissection Guide

Print ISBN: 9781604065879; Online ISBN: 9781604065886; Book DOI: 10.1055/b-002-85460

Subjects: Otorhinolaryngology, Phoniatrics, Audiology;Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Thieme Clinical Collections (English Language)

1 Introduction to Endoscopic Sinonasal Surgery
2 Instrumentation, Set-Up, and Patient Positioning
3 Anteroposterior Versus Posteroanterior Approach
4 The Use of Anatomical Landmarks
5 Basic Endoscopic Sinonasal Dissection
6 Advanced Endoscopic Sinonasal Dissection