DOI: 10.1055/b-002-74282
Fischer, Uwe: 2012

Practical MR Mammography

High-Resolution MRI of the Breast Print ISBN 9783131320322 · Online ISBN 9783131670328
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Editor: Fischer, Uwe

Title: Practical MR Mammography

Subtitle: High-Resolution MRI of the Breast

Print ISBN: 9783131320322; Online ISBN: 9783131670328; Book DOI: 10.1055/b-002-74282

Subjects: Radiology (incl. Interventional Radiology)

Thieme Clinical Collections (English Language)

History of MR Mammography
Preparing and Informing the Patient
Technique and Methods
Tumor Angiogenesis and Breast MRI
Diagnostic Criteria
Artifacts and Sources of Error
Normal Findings in Breast MRI
Benign Changes
Postoperative/Posttraumatic Changes
Borderline Lesions
Intraductal Carcinomas
Malignant Changes
Lymph Node Diagnostics
Autologous and Prosthetic Breast Reconstruction
Breast MRI in Men
MRI-Guided Interventions
Indications for Breast MRI
Differential Diagnosis and Strategy
Quality Assurance
Current Standing, Problems, and Perspectives of Breast MRI