DOI: 10.1055/b-002-74281
Eddleman, Christopher S.: 2012

The Neurosurgical Instrument Guide

Print ISBN 9781604066388 · Online ISBN 9781604066395
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Herausgeber: Eddleman, Christopher S.

Titel: The Neurosurgical Instrument Guide

Print ISBN: 9781604066388; Online ISBN: 9781604066395; Buch-DOI: 10.1055/b-002-74281

Fachgebiete: Neurochirurgie

Thieme Clinical Collections (English Language)

Chapter 1: The Operating Room
Chapter 2: Operating Room Equipment
Chapter 3: Basic Neurosurgical Trays
Chapter 4: Basic Neurological Instrumentation
Chapter 5: Basic Microsurgical/Microvascular/Skull Base Instrumentation
Chapter 6: Spinal Procedures
Chapter 7: Transsphenoidal/Endonasal