Brauer, Jeremy A.: 2024 Men's Aesthetics: A Practical Guide to Minimally Invasive Treatment DOI: 10.1055/b-0043-198232

5 Following the Pattern: Hair Restoration

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Editor: Brauer, Jeremy A.

Authors: Aguilera, Shino Bay; Alam, Murad; Alexis, Andrew F.; Belaidi, Marisa; Bertucci, Vince; Brodsky, Merrick A.; Chang, Yunyoung C.; Chesnut, Cameron; Cotofana, Sebastian; Dutton, Jonathan J.; Erlendsson, Andrés M.; Friedmann, Daniel P.; Green, Jeremy B.; Hanna, Edith A.; Henry, Michelle; Hibler, Brian P.; Hsu, Derek; Keaney, Terrence C.; Lipp, Michael B.; MacGregor, Jennifer L.; Montes, José R.; Munavalli, Gilly; Pineiro, Mildred Lopez; Robinson, Deanne Mraz; Rossi, Anthony M.; MD, Nicole E. Rogers; Reserva, Jeave; Saedi, Nazanin; Sandre, Matthew K.; Soon, Seaver; Soro, Luis; Tung, Rebecca; Wang, Jordan V.; Xing, Yiping

Title: Men's Aesthetics: A Practical Guide to Minimally Invasive Treatment

Print ISBN: 9783132428379; Online ISBN: 9783132437197; Book DOI: 10.1055/b000000260

Subjects: Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery;Minimalinvasive Surgery, Laser Surgery, Laparoscopy

Thieme Clinical Collections (English Language)

Nicole Rogers and Marisa Belaidi


Hair loss can affect men of all ages, and presents in a variety of patterns. Fortunately, most men respond well to treatment with either medical or surgical treatment. Preferably, patients undergoing a hair transplant procedure will combine it with medical therapy to prevent ongoing loss and potentially enhance the results of their surgery.

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