Brauer, Jeremy A.: 2024 Men's Aesthetics: A Practical Guide to Minimally Invasive Treatment DOI: 10.1055/b-0043-198229

2 Tincture of Time: Facial Aging and Anatomical Considerations

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Editor: Brauer, Jeremy A.

Authors: Aguilera, Shino Bay; Alam, Murad; Alexis, Andrew F.; Belaidi, Marisa; Bertucci, Vince; Brodsky, Merrick A.; Chang, Yunyoung C.; Chesnut, Cameron; Cotofana, Sebastian; Dutton, Jonathan J.; Erlendsson, Andrés M.; Friedmann, Daniel P.; Green, Jeremy B.; Hanna, Edith A.; Henry, Michelle; Hibler, Brian P.; Hsu, Derek; Keaney, Terrence C.; Lipp, Michael B.; MacGregor, Jennifer L.; Montes, José R.; Munavalli, Gilly; Pineiro, Mildred Lopez; Robinson, Deanne Mraz; Rossi, Anthony M.; MD, Nicole E. Rogers; Reserva, Jeave; Saedi, Nazanin; Sandre, Matthew K.; Soon, Seaver; Soro, Luis; Tung, Rebecca; Wang, Jordan V.; Xing, Yiping

Title: Men's Aesthetics: A Practical Guide to Minimally Invasive Treatment

Print ISBN: 9783132428379; Online ISBN: 9783132437197; Book DOI: 10.1055/b000000260

Subjects: Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery;Minimalinvasive Surgery, Laser Surgery, Laparoscopy

Thieme Clinical Collections (English Language)

Jose Raúl Montes and Jonathan J. Dutton


Genetic aging and photoaging result in thinning of all layers, effacement of the dermal-epidermal junction, loss of collagen, disorganization of elastin fibers, clumping of melanocytes, and advancing dermal elastosis. This process driven by extrinsic and intrinsic factors occurs equally across genders, male and female, however it has been published that extrinsic factors such as sun exposure and tobacco usage are more associated with male behavior. Therefore, the skin aging changes are expected to be accelerated in the male patient population sooner than in females.

The face and scalp are arranged in six concentric tissue which are thicker and heavier in men, accounting for more gravitational pull with aging and consequential tissue descend, which translates into lowering eyebrows with aging, more pronounced than in females. Furthermore, the forehead is greater in height and width, and the supraorbital rims form a more prominent ridge in men than in women. In men, temples are expected to be flat or slightly convex in contrast to their woman counterpart where temples are flat or slightly concave. The midface region in the male patient is characterized by a nose with a more straight and wider dorsum. In general, the female cheek fuller with a higher point light reflection (or projection) laterally.  Men’s cheeks are usually flatter and present with a wider bizygomatic distance. On this chapter anatomic male features will be discussed as a guiding compass for surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatment planning in the male patient.

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