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Medicine, like any other science, is subject to developments. Research and clinical experience expand our knowledge, in particular as far as treatment and drug therapy are concerned. With regard to the dosages or applications mentioned in this journal, the reader may rely on the authors, editors, and publisher having taken great care to make sure that the information corresponds to the state of knowledge at the time of completion of the journal.

However, the publisher is unable to take any responsibility with regard to the information given herein as to dosage instructions and forms of application. Each user should, therefore, by carefully reading the instruction leaflets of the used preparation and, if necessary, consulting a specialist, verify whether the recommendation as to dosage or the observance of contraindications stated therein differs from the information provided in this journal. This kind of verification is particularly important with regard to preparations that are rarely used or have been launched only recently. Each dosage or application is at the user’s own risk. Authors and publisher appeal to every user to inform the publisher of any inaccuracies the user may notice.

The printed contributions are processed with great care for displaying on screen (HTML format). With respect to the first issues of a journal available, errors regarding conversion and display can, nevertheless, occur. Please keep in mind that some Internet browsers do not always show special characters (mathematical symbols, Greek letters, and similar characters) correctly.